Nonprofit Freelancing

As mentioned, my writing extended to multiple nonprofit organizations. Never for pay, but only for great causes.  I served two main roles/purposes in all these:

~*~ First are examples of my personal, independent writing submissions to these various groups. They were each approved for public viewing by supervisors/editors, and published to impact/assist various readers. View not only the general websites of each, but direct links to my personal publications:

1)  Ohio State Sportsmanship Council:
At one of the largest universities in the country, “SpoCo” is a group of:
“Students dedicated to enhancing the sporting experience for all fans while making sportsmanship an enduring tradition throughout the Big Ten Conference.”
(*View the newsletter on this website also! By: Amy Mittinger, page 3)

2) ~*~ Epilepsy Association:
Adding to the list of nonprofit involvement, here’s a great group via which I shared personal experience and advice.
a) Nature is the best medicine tells all patients and average citizens to treat their own bodies well via healthy eating, exercise, and all natural hobbies; NOT pills and procedures.
b) Calling All Teachers: Measuring Students’ Intelligence  gives insight that tests alone don’t always measure students’ intelligence and capabilities accurately. Read some better testing options!

3) ~*~ Medical News Today
The Epilepsy Association could not publish my third article back in early 2015. But I wouldn’t give up! I found another very professional, credible source about medical topics altogether. And in just days, they published my opinion piece about healthy habits and goals for the general public. Despite its specific-sounding title, ‘Epilepsy Treatments‘ will inspire  everyone to adopt some great habits!

4) ~*~ Today’s Family magazine:
A Role Model’s Legacy is a tribute to the most inspirational person I’ve known.   She lost the battle with cancer, but her legacy will live on… if nowhere else, in my heart and mind.

~*~ Second are my endeavors not writing necessarily, but editing and electronically formatting larger newsletters. Great website design practice, if you ask me! Take a look for yourself by viewing these:
1) ~*~The Cleveland Clinic’s  ‘Ambassadors’ volunteer program:
After registering as a typical volunteer for the Clinic (January 2012), it wasn’t long till I was offered the opportunity to help write, edit, and publish the 2012 Ambassadors Newsletter that same spring! (See my name on page 2, for proof!) This writing compliments 2,000 fellow volunteers in the nation’s #4-ranked hospital. I hope the statistics and testimonies here are inspiring.

2) ~*~ City of Richmond Heights
It’s nice to live in a small city! I’ve gained familiarity with all programs, departments, people. This quickened the process of helping to edit/format the ‘City Edition’ newsletter. So, here are:
a) the Summer2014 newsletter that I helped edit and format, and
b) both the Winter/Spring 2015 RH Newsletter and Fall 2015 RH Newsletter that, due to not helping to create/edit myself, I found plenty of errors inside of. WARNING: Don’t be alarmed!
(^ If you’d like the unedited, “clean” versions of each too, here they both are: Winter/Spring 2015 & Fall 2015.)


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