student devotes life to glass blowing

Student will devote life to glass-blowing

By Amy Mittinger

Published: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 ; Updated: Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Students interested in creating exquisite art should look to Ben Manofsky for inspiration. Although the fifth-year in art is eager to graduate, he said he enjoys his education.

Manofsky transferred to Ohio State in autumn 2009 and began blowing glass. He said he first attended Ohio University with the intent to become a ceramics and sculpture major. After discovering that a local community college offered equal classes for a lesser price, he resumed classes at Hocking College and received his associate degree in applied business.

But now, Manofsky says he is finally ready to graduate.

“Here I am now, my fifth year in college,” he said, but “as far as I’m concerned, it’s good for me. I will have gotten two different types of education.”

He said he enjoyed his classes at both Hocking College and OU because they taught him how to run an art business. But he looks forward to having more experience when applying to graduate school.

Manofsky doesn’t claim to be a professional, even though he recognizes that attending college for six years is out of the ordinary.

“I’ve never failed a class and really never drastically changed areas of study, so my parents can’t seem to figure out why it’s going to take me six years to get an art degree.”

In the meantime, he enjoys spending most of his time in the Sherman Studio Art Center.

He says its location on Carmack Road is convenient. He also complimented the only art building on West Campus for heating its rooms with furnaces and for setting aside a room for students to display their artwork in a gallery setting. This “clean space,” as Manofsky called it, is admired by many visitors, regardless of their majors.

He said students who take classes in glass blowing either plan to major in it, like him, or take them just for fun.

“The glass department is full of unique people,” he said. “Every quarter, there are people who have never done glass in their life, so the level of experience also ranges from beginner to professional.”

Manofsky said that in addition to completing his own work in the building, he enjoys observing others’ work. Manofsky said he also enjoys mountain biking and camping. He looks forward to traveling and continuing his adventures both inside and outside of the classroom, he said. When he’s gone, he said he hopes his fellow students will visit Shahid Kahn, his friend in the studio. Manofsky said Kahn’s work leaves many in awe of his art skills.


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